Township Leaders Summit

Bring together different *Area Partners* from different townships across South Africa to brainstorm, be capacitated on better model to support entrepreneurs on the ground. This is an annual event

- Capacitate township support organizations and entrepreneurs
- Train and Develop township entrepreneurs to be leaders in their areas
- Connect them to their municipalities and corporate partners
- Given them tools to use in supporting township entrepreneurs – Either through training, mentorship etc
- Research and case studies of the Township Market

Township Entrepreneurs Skills & Capacity Development Workshops

With Township Entrepreneurs’ skill of running and growing their businesses very limited. eKasi Entrepreneurs is embarking on a roadshow across South Africa to run numerous value adding workshops that will propel township entrepreneurs for growth.These workshops and masterclasses include

- Finance Success for Township Entrepreneurs
- Research methodologies for startup and growing businesses
- Productivity and Efficiency for your business - By Productivity SA

More workshops and Masterclasses may be added given the demand/need from entrepreneurs and partners